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General Biosecurity Protocol

Ferry Roatan - La Ceiba Operations Restart Safeway Martime Transportation Co.

We are following the guidelines of the World Health Organization, C.D.C. , The Health Department of Honduras, CANTURH, as well as health entities from US and European entities. We have developed new biosecurity and sanitization protocols. We have analyzed every department in detail, their daily work routines, and trained our staff on how to implement these new procedures. We are confident and ready to guarantee your safety from the moment you arrive to our terminals and navigate with us.

Protective equipment to use by all our staff:
• Masks
• Face shields
• Gloves

New implementations to ensure biosecurity and hygiene for our passengers:
- Body temperature measurement and application of hand gel to all employees upon arrival at the terminal
- Boarding pass retrieval for prepaid and online tickets in self-service kiosks to minimize contact
- Boarding pass scanning to minimize contact
- Assignment of seats
- Controlled boarding and disembarking in groups of 25 people (using megaphones)
- Delivery of luggage based on these groups of 25
- Markings on the floor to signal social distancing
- Application of sanitizing gel at the entrance and measurement of body temperature to travelers
- Installation of glass at the sales counter in the Roatan and La Ceiba terminals
- Installation of glass at checkpoint before entering waiting area
- Use of personal protective equipment by all personnel
- New distribution of chairs in the waiting room and on the boat
- Installation of hand gel dispensers at strategic points in the terminal and ship
- Labeling at different points of the terminal and boat on hygiene habits
- Passengers will scan their own boarding pass upon passing the screening point and deposit the pass in a container before boarding.
- The terminal, luggage and ferry will be electrostatically disinfected permanently.


Protective equipment to use by the department’s staff:
Face Shields

Points to consider: - Only people who are going to travel can enter the terminal, except adults who come to answer for a minor.
- Our staff will wear gloves at the time of receipt of luggage, as well as at the delivery and must be discarded once each task is finished.
- They will wash their hands well after the process of boarding the suitcases.

- All luggage will be sprayed at check-in with industrial degree chemicals.
- The luggage reception process will be carried out taking into account that the boarding and disembarkation will be by groups of 25 people. Therefore, we will do a preliminary count of people entering the terminal and based on that, we will number each luggage cart in chronological order,
- The carts will be placed on the boat according to the number they have, so that the first suitcases to disembark will be those belonging to the first passengers to get off.
- The luggage delivery process will be done in the same way as the reception, in groups of 25, so it is important that the previous point is fully complied with.


Protective equipment to use by crew:
Face shields (for the navigation route)

Points to consider: - The boarding will be enabled 30 minutes before the departure time so as not to create agglomeration
- It will be done by groups of 25 people.
- The staff has been trained to reduce unnecessary contact with passengers.

- Will begin by explaining to our passengers that they will be embarking in groups of 25, according to the group number on their ticket, starting with # 1, once they are all on board, continue with the # 2 and so on.
- This same person will do a similar process at the time of offloading, before entering the bay, he will instruct people to remain in their seat, and when they dock, they will call group # 1 to offload. When at least 20 of them have removed their suitcases, the next group will be invited to disembark and so on.

- The carts will be placed in the boat according to the number of the boarding group and will be placed in such a way that the first suitcases to disembark are those that belong to the first passengers to get off.


Protective equipment to use by the department’s staff: Mask Face shield Gloves Points to consider: -Each ticket will be printed with a group number that will be made up of 25 people. Process -Cashiers will use hand gel before and after each sale transaction. -They will use containers intended to receive money and give change. -When closing sales, they will use gloves to handle the money and spray it with a disinfectant solution (4 tablespoons of chlorine per 1 liter of water).

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